Rocco's Choco-Nocco Butter-One, 6oz Jar

Rocco's Choco-Nocco Butter-One, 6oz Jar

Rocco's 3 ingredient, Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread is a decadent hand crafted raw vegan treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

We take raw organic Italian hazelnuts and stone-grind them with organic cacao nibs and coconut sugar for a wickedly delicious, smooth dark chocolate spread we know you will devour.

Best Ways to Eat Rocco's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

• Just you and a spoon
• With chocolate lovers
• At slightly above room temperature
• Consciously with your eyes closed and a warm smile on your face

Ingredients: Organic raw hazelnuts, organic raw cacao nibs, organic
coconut sugar.

If you're looking for more bliss in your life, 'RoChoNo' is it!